Lateresa 'LA' Jones
Stand UP Make The Change

About Lateresa LA Jones

Has resided in Florida for over a decade.  She is a certified “Life Coach” who has survived child abuse and domestic violence.  She has spent a life time journaling about her experience as a victim and self-healing.  She has expertise in providing advice and support to people who are recovering from Domestic Violence, Rape, Abuse and incest, helping them make decisions, solve problems, and take their lives back. Lateresa is a high achiever of outstanding results providing resources to local communities throughout Florida.

Lateresa is a published author, “America We Are Guilty” and her current novel, “Political Prostitute”.  Successful business owner; Exclusive Cigar Shop & Exclusive Cigars Mobile Lounge. The Children’s University Daycare Center.  Americano Institute of English, Dominican Republic.  
Currently, Lateresa is an Agribusiness Management student.  Lateresa says she needed to know everything about agriculture to help with her next business venture, which is also personal, she’s preparing to purchase the plantation her grandmother was born on.  Lateresa says the plantation will keep history alive.  She will farm the land for financial resources and use the main house as a retirement home away from home for seniors.